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Giovanna Cattoi - Underwater, Still Life, Nudes and Myths 

Giovanna Cattoi was born at Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italy. After her early studies she attended the studios of several leading
artists and attracted early recognition for her instinctive grasp of composition, movement and colour. She soon gained impressive
awards and commendations at various exhibitions and her work can be found in the homes and galleries of well known collectors.

Since settling in Australia she has exhibited successfully in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and extensively throughout Queensland.
Her showings were excitingly different and many of her exhibitions were sell-outs.

During a visit to Cairns, Giovanna became entranced with the diversity of colours and uniqueness of the underwater life of the
Great Barrier Reef. Equipped with scuba gear and sketching on used x-ray plates, she captured the reef’s authentic wildlife. Her
underwater work reflects the true life and habitat of all fish species and plants.

Since becoming one of Australia’s leading underwater artists , her paintings have been in high demand in Singapore, Hong-Kong,
Japan and the USA and have sold well in other countries around the world.

Giovanna has an intense interest and knowledge of the underwater world. She received a standing ovation when addressing the
seventh annual conference of the "Marine Education Society of Australia” on the Gold Coast, where she described the Great Barrier
Reef’s underwater world as "A Liquid Eden”.

In her youth, Giovanna travelled extensively with her archaeologist parents. All over Europe, Mexico and South America, where
her parents at that time were interested in pre-Colombian civilizations. Hence her recent paintings of Peruvian Legends. Giovanna
is now retired from the gallery and plans a more pieces in the future. Giovanna will be 80 years old next year and still painting.

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