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Picture Framing
Picture Framing
Art care and custom picture framing service available in-house
with Paolo's creative and experienced advice.

Give your art and pictures a new look with a new frame, or replace the old matt borders!
Many new and beautiful frame mouldingsmodern framing options
and museum quality glare-less glass are now available! The new glass
is completely amazing for protection and glare reduction!
Art care and re-framing, glass replacement, originals cleaning, custom
and production computer-cut matt picture borders. Volume orders welcomed! 

Home and business art décor and art lighting professional
are available. We came to your home or place of business and advise
you obligation free. (*Consultation from $50 , please call for a free quote)
Top quality canvas stretched ready for painting and hanging can
be made
to any size to order. best quality stretcher bars in various thickness.

wall mock uplovers lighting sample
Free Picture framing quotes with on-screen visualization and a PDF copy emailed to you will include the image showing the frame and mats in place, it will take the guesswork out of how the finished frame will look!
You can even tell us your wall colour where your art or photographs are going to hang and it will be on the quote behind the framed image!

Water Restrictions by Greg Postle          The Artful Dodger by Greg Postle

FINE ART OPEN EDITION PRINTS on high quality papers and giclee canvas
Kingfisher Art And Framing
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Les Tournesols  Klimt 
Automne  Angele  


Beat Urfer, Cloisonne Artist

 Many pieces coming to Kingfisher Art And Framing soon!

"Beat Urfer is a magician. He weaves myths around the globe, beginning in Australia, his adopted country, spinning his poetic kaleidoscope further around China, Egypt, the Mediterranean and Paris, depicting legends, myths, operas. He invites the beholder to join him in his dreams. Beat Urfer's medium is the cloisonné technique and he places the cloisonné miniatures facet-like into an extended painted surrounding. The compositions complement each other, whereby the painted part of the work never dominates, to allow the cloisonné miniatures to display their full luminosity. Beat Urfer is a master of his art. He charms our stage of reality with beauty, lets us comprehend that dream and reality; man and nature and mythos do co-exist in as much as they are also closely entwined". Dr. Ch. Merkes-Frei, Goethe Institute, Atlanta, USA. (quoted from Australian Stories and Legends)

    Burke andWills and King


Caroline was born in England and went to London School of Arts and Crafts where she took her Diploma in Art and Design majoring in Sculpture.

Most of her works were quite large relating to the human figure.

Later, whilst raising her family, Caroline lived in Saudi Arabia for nearly three years. Due to a limited supply of art materials, Caroline turned to

making batik wall hangings depicting local architecture and people in the market place. A few years later several trips to Nigeria, enabled Caroline

to bask in African art and look again at very strong direct sculpture and pottery with beautiful lines and balance. Back in England, Caroline explored

ceramics making hand built pots and building her own kiln.

in 1991 Caroline immigrated to Sydney, Australia and again changed direction. Each new influence seems to demand a new medium and here

Caroline returned to basics and resumed life drawing. She discovered the beauty of pastels and started to absorb the strong influences of the

fragile Australian landscape and the diverse population of Sydney.

Caroline has now spent 18 years in Australia and no longer feels like a visitor. Caroline spent 10 years teaching at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.
She now works in a wide range of materials and mediums including oils and acrylics and clay exploring two and three dimensional work.
Caroline now lives and works in Bundeena South of Sydney, she sells her work through the Bundeena Mainbar Art Trail where she opens her

home and gallery space every month. She also exhibits work in local exhibitions within the Sutherland Shire. Caroline has work in many private

collections around the world.

Originals by Caroline Corby (1)  

Colin Parker 

Colin Parker artist Colin has worked as professional illustrator for Rolls-Royce, before migrating to Australia in 1987Here he worked on the Black Hawk military helicopter as chief Illustrator. Colin was responsible for the production of artwork associated with promoting the company world wide. HDH was subsequently taken over by Boeing on the new Airbus A380, Boeing Dreamliner and the Joint Striker Fighter (JSF), Australia’s new front line fighter aircraft. Colin left Boeing in 2005 and perues his passions. Colin's favoured medium is acrylic, but he also paints in oils and water colours. Colin is a busy commission artist.
Limited Editions (4)  

The world has lost a wonderful person and it's greatest watercolour artist following Darryl's untimely death on the 9th June
2004 following a heart attack. Despite this tragic loss we are fortunate to have the legacy of his magnificent original art here at
Kingfisher Art And Framing.
Darryl Trott achieved a feel and flow with watercolour that no other medium comes close to. The Australian born artist was
inspired from the very young age of six when he received his first set of watercolour paints for Christmas. From this early
age he knew that his fingers and watercolour paint were a natural combination. It was thirty years or more before his
childhood love of flowers and art were brought to the surface by Ruth Tuck, a great Australian floral artist and teacher.
On moving to the United States, Darryl soon became one of America's top water colourists. His paintings  have graced the
walls of the White House, purchased by the Clinton family, the homes of Pavarotti and Oprah Winfrey to name a few.

Kingfisher Art And Framing We sell a full range of Darryl Trott Limited Edition giclee prints (printed by Origin Publishing)

and have a selection of rare prints available. Please call.

Limited Edition Prints on Paper (40)  

 "Rainbow Serpent" on eucalyptus tree bark by Deon Wason 

Kingfisher Art And Framing

Please follow the link for a modern interpretation of the Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime story and
more information on indigenous culture. (PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Donald James Waters

Donald James Waters is an established Australian artist with an illustrious career spanning well over three decades. While best described as a contemporary artist, Donald's artwork transcends many genres to create a truly unique yet ever evolving and eclectic style.

Donald is a man who is passionate about his art. He sees it as an adventure that must be experienced not only by the artist, but also by the viewer.  When speaking with him you can't help but be engulfed by his presence, he sees the world from a spiritual, naive and beautiful perspective. Listening to Don you are plunged into a vibrant and colourful world which he recreates onto canvas. To Don art must always remain a journey; he assimilates this to the emotion of driving into a new land and looking down into a valley he has never been before.

Don has relaxed the confines of his initial beginnings in botanical art by using stylised strokes, over-emphasised characters and bold blocks of colour to shift his primary focus to that of a storyteller rather than a technically correct traditional artist. As taught by his mentor and teacher, Francis Lymburner - famous Australian Artist, movement can be derived from just a few strokes; infinite detail is not required to catch the eye. He draws from his vast experiences both on the coast and inland Australia to bring his paintings to life with a dash of humour and excitement.


Dons international career is now gaining momentum and he has been fortunate enough to take his art to every corner of the globe through a series of one-man exhibitions and as a guest artist on-board several cruise lines. His distinctive style has made its way into the catalogues of many private and corporate collectors alike, including that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II art collection after the Queens stay at CHOGM he was asked to design paintings to decorate the dignitary reception and accommodation areas.



Kingfisher Art And Framing


Art is available in high quality limited edition giclee prints.




Original Art (2)   Limited Edition Prints (Paper & Canvas) (239)  

Giovanna Cattoi - Underwater, Still Life, Nudes and Myths 

Giovanna Cattoi was born at Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italy. After her early studies she attended the studios of several leading
artists and attracted early recognition for her instinctive grasp of composition, movement and colour. She soon gained impressive
awards and commendations at various exhibitions and her work can be found in the homes and galleries of well known collectors.

Since settling in Australia she has exhibited successfully in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and extensively throughout Queensland.
Her showings were excitingly different and many of her exhibitions were sell-outs.

During a visit to Cairns, Giovanna became entranced with the diversity of colours and uniqueness of the underwater life of the
Great Barrier Reef. Equipped with scuba gear and sketching on used x-ray plates, she captured the reef’s authentic wildlife. Her
underwater work reflects the true life and habitat of all fish species and plants.

Since becoming one of Australia’s leading underwater artists , her paintings have been in high demand in Singapore, Hong-Kong,
Japan and the USA and have sold well in other countries around the world.

Giovanna has an intense interest and knowledge of the underwater world. She received a standing ovation when addressing the
seventh annual conference of the "Marine Education Society of Australia” on the Gold Coast, where she described the Great Barrier
Reef’s underwater world as "A Liquid Eden”.

In her youth, Giovanna travelled extensively with her archaeologist parents. All over Europe, Mexico and South America, where
her parents at that time were interested in pre-Colombian civilizations. Hence her recent paintings of Peruvian Legends. Giovanna
is now retired from the gallery and plans a more pieces in the future. Giovanna will be 80 years old next year and still painting.

Original Paintings & Sketches (2)   Limited Edition Canvas or Paper (13)  

Greg is a self taught artist who paints what he is passionate about. His paintings portray the interconnection between the wildlife and the habitat on which the birds and animals are dependent.  "I really love the Australian bush. It has some magnificent gum and rainforest trees. The colours of the bark of these trees can really pop out at you in the right light. I have always been fascinated by living things and the way in which they interact with each other and their environment. One of my biggest hopes is that my paintings and those of other wildlife artists, help to impress upon people, the importance and value of the natural world and that conservation is very much worthwhile. I try to depict the wildlife in a manner that enhances the animal or birds and helps tell a story that will hopefully resonate with other people.”
In 2003, Greg received the Geoff Douglas Memorial Encouragement Award for first year exhibitors from the Wildlife Art Society of Australia.

He has recently been chosen as the winner of the Australian Artist ”Favourite Subject Challenge, No 59” for his Blue Wren painting titled "Faeries”.

Greg Hawke
Original Art (3)  

Greg Postle's originals, all Limited Edition prints on canvas and art paper
as well as some rare prints are available at Kingfisher Art And Framing

Field Day - 1600x900mm
"Field Day" - going fast - Limited edition Giclee signed canvas.

Greg Postle artist
Greg Postle is now one of Australia's most sought after wildlife painters.

Greg's love of wildlife began on a cattle property in Central Queensland where he spent his early years. His painting career began on a part-time basis at the age of 27 and after just twelve months, without any formal training, he began painting professionally.

His main subject matter is birds which, since childhood, have always held a fascination for him. Each of Greg's paintings captures the essence of the birds he paints while maintaining a focus for ornithological correctness and the artistic merit of each painting is brought to life by the creative story it portrays.
Kingfisher Art And Framing

Greg Postle's "The Gathering" - available on canvas and paper.

Greg has received numerous awards for his paintings and since first entering in the prestigious 'Birds in Art' wildlife art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin, USA in 1999 and has consistently had his paintings selected for this international exhibition.

Landsborough Galleries can confidently guarantee to offer the most comprehensive selection of Greg Postle Limited Edition signed prints (published by Origin Publishing), anywhere worldwide. In addition to stocking his most recent prints, we also have a range of rare and previously 'sold out' print editions on both canvas and paper, which have recently been made available from Greg's personal stock.

Limited Edition Prints on Paper and Canvas (137)  

HANS NIELSEN - International Master Sculptor - Stone, Steel, Wood

Kingfisher Art And Framing

 Shopping cart page for  Hans Nielsen is under construction
Kingfisher Art And Framing
Stone (134)   Wood (0)   Steel (0)  

White Breasted Sea Eagle
"White Breasted Sea Eagle" by Jeremy Boot
Limited Edition Prints (7)  

Laila was born north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

From an early age she knew the path in her life would be too express herself in some form of art. This desire brought her to study full time for 5 years at Copenhagen Art School, examining many different mediums and learning the classical way of drawing and studying the figure. A few years at various art colleges in the USA completed her formal schooling in the arts. As she has continued expanding her expression through various mediums, she acknowledged that being an artist is an ever evolving wondrous journey that never ends.

In 1985, a new phase started with immigrating to Australia. Lailas life expanded to include 3 beautiful daughters and a busy time with numerous exhibitions mainly showing paintings and drawings.

Sculpting had always been a fascination for Laila, but no access to a foundry had made it difficult. In the year 2000, Laila began to sculpt. Sculpting and drawing are very closely linked and it was a joy to combine years of honing her drawing skills to expand into the new media, clay.

The intimacy and the sensuality is a continuous link throughout all of Lailas creations. They speak to your heart. Simple as that.


Kingfisher Art And Framing
"The old Doorway" original oil on canvas by Luis Fuentes
Originals (1)  


Biography - Lyn Diefenbach

Lyn Diefenbach was born in Yeppoon and grew up with a family heritage of painting, pottery and wood-turning and had a paintbrush in her hand
from a very early age. After working exclusively in oils, Lyn began experimenting with pastel in July 1995 and was quickly drawn to its immediacy
and spontaneity. A workshop at 'Willowbank' in Victoria with pastellist Ted Berry further enthused her, so much so, that in March 1998 she received
her official recognition as a Master pastellist from the Australian Pastel Society.

Lyn's philosophy is to be "always learning" and to achieve masterly qualities within her work. She takes time out from her busy schedule for personal 
development In 1999 she travelled to New York to study under world-renowned portrait artist Daniel E. Greene. Her works cover a myriad of
themes - portraiture, florals, landscapes, seascapes and still life. Each is imbued with her fascination for the interplay of light with her subject.

Lyn has become a sought after teacher in her own right, conducting regular workshops in pastel, oils and watercolour throughout Queensland.
She has received many commissions and Awards particularly for portraiture and human interest paintings. Her exuberant florals are also highly
sought after, captivating the viewer by colour, tone and texture.

Her paintings are represented in major regional collections as well as private collections within Australia and overseas.

Ltd Edition Canvas and Paper Prints (34)  

River Revellers
After years as an art teacher, potter and sculptor, Lyn was inspired by her friendship with a white backed magpie to take up the brush. Living close to a number of National parks and with platypus in the river, possums on her roof and an increasing number of birds dropping in to visit, Lyn has continued to gain popularity as an artist painting and sculpting the subjects she sees everyday around her home.
Lyn has won numerous awards and is well regarded as an artist both in Australia and overseas. Her work is in many private and corporate collections.
Lyn is a popular wildlife artist represented by galleries in Queensland, N.S.W and Victoria. She has published a number of limited edition prints of her work as well as two illustrated books about the care of animals and birds. Articles about her work have appeared in ìAustralian Artistî and she has won a number of awards.
Lynís paintings celebrate the beauty of Australian wildlife and the environment that surrounds them and she hopes this will touch people enough to take more care.
Limited Edition Prints on Paper and Canvas (20)  

 Mark Barnes Australian artist's work at Kingfisher Art And Framing Queensland
 below: Crystal Creek by Mark Barnes
Crystal Creek by Mark Barnes
Limited edition prints on canvas and paper (8)  

Maryika Welter artistThe Meeting Place by Maryika WelterThe Mystic by artist Maryika WelterEmrace by artist Maryika Welter 


MARYIKA WELTER wears her heart on her sleeve, or to be more precise – her canvas. 

 The Victoria-born, Toowoomba based artist’s work is more than just paintings on a wall, it’s her very honest and often very public form of therapy.

Maryika’s work can take many forms, from landscapes to abstract human representations.

But one thing is constant – it’s always an expression of how she is feeling at that point in her life ...

 (from Salt Magazine - Spring 2013)

Occupation Creative Visual Artist and Tutor

Education Diploma of Visual Arts.

Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

Cert in Applied and Visual Art

Solo Exhibitions

2014 "Imprint”, Toowoomba Regional Gallery. Qld

2013 Landsborough Gallery. Qld

2013 Artist in Residence, Clifford and Gouldson Lawyers, Toowoomba Qld

2008 "Fine Lines”, Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne. Vic

2008 "Fine Lines”, Crows Nest Regional Gallery. Qld

2007 "Conversations”, Feather and Lawrie’s, Toowoomba. Qld

2007 "Fifteen Fabulous Years”, Three venues, Toowoomba

2006 "Resonance”, RM Galleries, Hamilton, Brisbane

2006 "Golden Horizons”, Rosalie Gallery, Goombungee

2005 "Connected”, Ascot Art Gallery, Brisbane

2005 "Relocated”, My Art Gallery, Toowoomba

2004 "Golden Horizons”, My Art Gallery, Toowoomba

1999 "Sofa So Good”, The Artists Gallery, Toowoomba

1999 "Happy As Larry”, Crows Nest Regional Art Gallery, Crows Nest

Selected Group Shows

2013 Rotary Art Spectacular. Brisbane

2012 "Imp-act”, Toowoomba Regional Gallery

2011 "What is Blue to You”, Toowoomba Regional Gallery

2011 Downlands Art Exhibition. Toowoomba.

2010 "Contemporanea”, Smart Artz Gallery Melbourne Vic.

2010 "Contemporanea”, Aarion Gallery. Canberra A.C.T.

2010 Downlands Art Exhibition. Toowoomba.

2009 "Imaginary Journeys”, Ferrara, Italy

2009 Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy

2009 "Five Senses”, State Library, Queensland

2008 Rotary Art Spectacular. Brisbane

2007 "A Palette of Artists”, Centre Point Plaza 1, Brisbane, Qld

2007 RM Galleries. Hamilton. Brisbane.

2006 RM Galleries. Grand Opening, Hamilton. Brisbane.

2005 "Smile”, Ascot Art Gallery, Brisbane

2005 "The Collectors’ Exhibition”, Steps Gallery, Melbourne, Vic

2004 "Art at Burnley Harbour”, V.C.A.S., Melbourne

2004 "Women of Substance”, St Margarets Anglican Girls School Brisbane

2004 "Antipodes”, Bark Modern Art, Hong Kong

2002 Jondaryan Shire Federation Exhibit, Queensland Museum, Brisbane

2001-2002 "Pol Art”, 8thFestival of Polish Arts, Queensland Museum, Brisbane

2001 "The Peoplescape”, Parliament House, A.C.T

1999-2000 "Upstairs Gallery”, Toowoomba


1991 to present day: Numerous Prizes, Awards, Commissions, Publications and achievements.

Public and Private and Corporate Collections, local, national and international.


Guest Speaker in Visual Arts at Southern Queensland Institute of T.A.F.E. Toowoomba.

Mixed Media Tutor at U.S.Q. McGregor Winter School and various venues in Qld.

Artist in Residence at Clifford and Gouldson Lawyers, Toowoomba.
Originals (0)  


Mel Brigg

Mel Brigg – Contemporary Impressionist Painter

Born in 1950 in South Africa. Mel Brigg is a self taught artist, and started painting full time in 1970. As well as having exhibited in England, Portugal and Singapore, he has had numerous solo and joint shows in South Africa and Australia.

In South Africa, Mel supported institutions such as Child Welfare, World Wildlife Trust, Save the Rhino Foundation and Release the Detainees. He participated in a number of anti-apartheid exhibitions and was the founder of the Swellendam Art Society.

Since having arrived in Australia in 1993, he has supported the Sydney City Mission, the Variety Club of Australia, Save (Queensland branch) and Amnesty International. One of Mel's works was also used as the representative image for the Sister Mary Mc Killop tribute publication in 1995.
 Below, in order: "Last Light" and "Escaping The Fires" available for purchase as canvas giclee prints
'Last Light' by Mel Brigg  

 Escaping The Fires by artist Mel Brigg

LTD Edition Prints (7)  


Natalie Dyer is a highly inspired artist. She paints with a genuine gift and has a unique ability to involve her audience as she depicts our everyday lives in a fresh and vibrant way. Natalie enjoys pushing the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary - feeling equally comfortable in both. Her versatility means that people from all walks of life can identify with, and are uplifted by her paintings - keeping her constantly busy in her favourite place, her studio.

Natalie's "Women with Attitude” series - is a whimsical look at what women today just love to do - they are as popular as her enchanting, softly-flowing girls walking in a haze of lavender fields or along quiet beaches. Vibrant flowers and rich, colourful abstracts also tantalise art lovers, whilst her landscapes, streetscapes and seascapes will often showcase the beauty of her surrounding.
Limited Edition Prints (23)  

PAOLO FANALI (Photographer)
Landscape photography by Paolo Fanali
Images are available in a number of sizes, Please call (page under construction, but work is available now framed or unframed,
metallic gloss on acrylic, or canvas giclee.
Serenity - Paolo Fanali 

About the artist RAELEAN HALL
All There is in NAture by Raelean Hall
Above: "All There in Nature" by Raelean Hall
Raelean Hall  was born in Victoria in 1969, but has resided on the Sunshine Coast since 1976.

Influenced mainly by her immediate environment, she has also traveled extensively throughout
Australia and around the world.
Raelean is self-taught and has become known predominantly for her watercolour paintings of
local beaches and the beautiful Hinterland region.She enjoys portraying the energetic summer
holiday beach crowds, because the beach has always been her backyard and therefore the
ground for study engaging her curiosity about the antics of beach-goers and beach life.These
are especially well depicted in her Sumi-e works.

Traveling to Japan on many occasions now for tuition in the art of "Sumi-e” under master
teachers Shoka Ota, Chiaki Kato and Sei Amori, Raelene has certainly mastered the art of the
black ink on rice paper.It has also provided a great understanding of the Eastern
Philosophies on watercolour painting.She has used this ability to draw elegantly simple
scenes of people on the beach in black on white to great effect.
She has been invited to many group exhibitions and has had her work acquired into numerous
private collections across Australia and in the U.K. and in the U.S.A.
Landsborough Galleries sell Raelean's full range of limited edition prints available on both
canvas and paper.

Prints and Canvas Giclee (58)  

  Classical  Ballet, figure work,  portraiture, landscape. Robert Martin preferred medium is oil on canvas.
nude figure by Robert Martin  Lifesavers race by Robert Martin   art by Robert Martin 
   Robert Martin - Artist's profile  -  
Born in Brisbane in 1947, Robert Martin has had a passionate attachment to painting since childhood. His career started at the tender age of fifteen when he was drawn into the hard-edged world of Advertising as a trainee illustrator/designer. Serving his early years as a freelance artist, junior art director, he took the bold step of starting his own Ad Agency, Robert Martin Advertising, at the surprisingly young age of twenty-five.

His agency went on to operate successfully for over thirty years, yet throughout its history, Robert never lost his lust for the smell of oils and the challenge of a blank canvas. As well as being the agency's principal, he held the position of Creative Director and always maintained a "hands on" approach to the agency's creative direction with the help of a team of very talented and capable people.

Now retired from business, Robert has made room in his life for his love of painting and to fulfil his creative appetite, he has been honing his talent and technique in many workshops conducted by successfully established artists of repute.

Now with five solo Exhibitions, Robert's themes have been drawn from his long-standing love affair with the sun, sand and sea. His coastal lifestyle subjects have evoked an enthusiastic response from people viewing his first works displayed. His figurative works have also been recognized with recent first art prize awards.

A trip to France in September 2004 has provided Robert with a broad scope of new subjects and an opportunity to experiment with a new execution of style. This series was a collection of strikingly diverse images including figure studies. This successful exhibition was held in September 2005.

Paintings are featured in leading art galleries & private collections extensively in Australia, San Francisco, New York and Oklahoma.

After traveling to Italy in April/May 2006, Robert has prepared a series of images depicting the unique lifestyle and architectural treasures of a captivating landscape.
Italy by artist Robert Martin    Venice by Robert Martin

Originals and Prints (12)   Portraiture (0)  

Robert Hagan latestBrumby Crossing by Robert Hagan
Robert Hagan original art shows his mastery of light and shadow ..
Robert is rated in the top 5 western artists in the US and no1 in Australia
Artist Robert Hagan
Born in 1947 and raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia
and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner.
Widely traveled with studios in Suffolk, England., San Diego, USA., Southport, Australia and
Pattaya, Thailand.

Robert goes about his art with confidence, humility and pragmatism.

He explains, "When you look at things you tend to concentrate on one element, a boy or girl
at the waters edge, for example. It's hard to bring into meaningful vision the entire scene at the
one occasion. It's all there, but its not defined and it's that which is peripheral to the starting point".
The key to impressionism is keying in the peripheral to the starting point".

Although Hagan paints varied subjects, landscapes, seascapes, western, portraits and figurative
insists that his paintings here and there go beyond obvious recognizable subject. This is especially
the case now in 2002. He says "make a painting like the recognizable subject rather than executing
a literal representation. It's better to paint the effect of what is there...what is left in the back of
 the head! That's impressionism, and that I hope is where I am"

Click Here to see Hagan's Autobiography on YouTube
Click Here to see some of Hagan's Splash Of Colour TV Series.

Original Art (11)   Ltd Edition Canvas and Paper Prints (61)   DVDs and Books (0)  

 Rowena Fanali

Rowena's inspiration stems from a love of garden and nature.
Rowena's hand drawn mandalas have been an important part
of her personal dreaming and transformation. Rowena also
uses mirrors, pottery and old furniture as her canvas.
Her art is to be enjoyed outside on a patio or porch,
reflecting the garden or views, or indoors as stunning
attention-grabbing works of art. 

The sculptural and organic nature of these art mirrors brings an enchanting and magical feeling.
"The idea of using mirrors as a background brings light, colour, and depth because one can look 'at' and 'beyond',
enhancing the whole visual experience."
Rowena restores furniture in her own, unique style and pain recipes in a personal "French Provincial" look.
Artrovi display

Since the mid nineties Rowena has been selling her works in New Zealand, Perth Western Australia and now the Sunshine Coast.
She is thoroughly enjoying the inspiration that comes from the beautiful scenery of the Hinterland and coastline.
She studied sculpture at the Claremont School of Art, WA and has developed her unique method of sculpture over the years
by experimenting in papier mache, plaster and other mediums. Her work is always evolving. For the past four years Rowena
has been enjoying pen and ink illustrations in the form of mandalas as well as other works. Prints are available from my gallery
and directly from 
Email for more info: 
Call Rowena 0423 765 268 and quote Kingfisher Art And Framing
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TED MORAN - Glass & Steel Sculptor
Ted Moran exhibits modern glass,stone and steel sculptures at
Landsborough Galleries, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Ted Moran sculptor

 Ted Moran is a professional sculptor who  began his career with Metal and Glass on  the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. He is  now based at the Sunshine Coast,  exhibiting in several galleries. After  completing his training as a fitter and turner  at the age of twenty-two, he was  encouraged by a work colleague to explore  creative work in the metal mediums. His  career in this art form includes sculptures  in stained glass panels and combinations  of metal Stone and and glass blocks.

 Major Pieces Commissioned include:
 * Manyung Gallery: Regular exhibitions
 * Peninsula Grammar Chapel: Stained  Glass, Sculptured steel and glass screens.
 * St Vincents Private Hospital: Stained  Glass, Sculptured steel and glass screens for the Chapel music area.
* St Marks Uniting Church Mornington: "Theme of Unity” - Large Stained Glass windows to complement the
110 year - old church windows.
* Village Theatres, Sydney, Melbourne: Wall & house light sculptures
* Knights of Malta: Crucifixes in the style of the iconic symbols of the group.
* Frankston (Monash)Teachers College: Figure flying to the Sun on the building face.
* Australian Administration Staff College, Mt. Eliza: Foyer Sculpture in the theme of their insignia.
* Scotch College, Melbourne: Sculpture insignia theme of "The Burning Bush" from biblical text.

Peninsula Sculptor Prize "Alan McCullock”
Schweppes Art Prize
Peninsula Sculptor Prize "Ken Scarlet”

Tony Pridham artistTony Priham collageTony Pridham Chocolate
Tony Pridham
Was born in Australia where he currently resides in Victoria. He has delighted wildlife art collectors since he was fourteen
when he began selling his watercolours on St. Kilda Esplanade in Melbourne.
He was educated at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Graduating to oils, he was soon winning national and
international art awards.
Since 1996, Tony's work has been displayed in the USA. His paintings have been selected for the prestigious LYWAM
Birds in Art Exhibitions.
Tony is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and has participated in the society's "Art and the Animal" annual shows.
His natural history paintings are regarded as among some the finest in the world.
Kangaroos by Tony Pridham
Originals and Prints (1)  

WILLIAM T COOPER - (1934-2015)
WILLIAM T COOPER - (1934-2015)
William T. Cooper first gained artistic prominence for his ornithological illustrations in A Portfolio of Australian Birds. His international reputation was firmly established in 1973 with the publication of Parrots of the World and today Bill's paintings are housed in public galleries, government institutions and private collections throughout the world. William passed away May 10th 2015 painting till his last day.
Bill's talent for combining scientific accuracy with vibrant artistic technique was formally recognized in 1990 when the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (USA) awarded him the gold medal for his 'artistic endeavours and life's work which have contributed to mankind's better understanding and appreciation of living things'. He was the first Australian to receive this prestigious award and in 1994 was awarded the Order of Australia (AO) for his contribution to Art and Ornithology.

The 1,236 fruits illustrations reproduced in this book show William T. Cooper's dedication to the world of nature. He captures the finest details - from tiny spines on pods to fibers of palm fruits and imperfections created by living creatures of the rainforest. Each painting shows the ranges in size, shape and colour of the fruit as well as a cross-section exposing the distinctive colour and texture variations of the seed. It has been a rare privilege to publish art of such magnitude, skill and beauty.
LTD Edition Canvas and Paper Prints (35)  

 Spirit Tree by Winsome Board  Still Waters by Winsome Board  Spring Morning by Winsome Board  Winsome Board artist
Winsome Board is an very competent artist with decades of experience.
Winsome paints the spirit of the trees and the Land she loves; from the Queensland forest trees and rolling hills, to the interior gorges and twisted eucalypti of the outback Australian landscape.
Her paintings have a tangible healing quality expressed in the mastery of light and the powerful interplay of colour and shadows.
Her originals and prints have been sold all over the world.
Prints available now, Shopping cart coming soon, originals on request, CALL Paolo 0428 955 588

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